used and rare

I decided to run through Japan Town when I went out for a run this evening and the next thing I know I am inside this cozy, little bookstore looking at a great collection of used and rare books instead of running. 

How have I not noticed this bookstore before now? The owner was such a joy to talk with, and his love of books and stories captivated me as he told me a story of his own. 

With all the time I had for a run spent inside Forest Books, I made my way to the grocery store to pick up dinner. While I was walking, I kept thinking about how life would indeed be boring without dreamers and their stories and naturally, I kept thinking about Jeanette Walls' love affair with her memories in The Glass Castle

Dreamers certainly can carve out a life on their own terms.

Here's to a life full of dreams and creating new stories. 

Asana Perspective

It is in the going,
that I know.
It is in the movements,
that I grow.
What is usually on the edge of consciousness
becomes infinite and real.

The love and the bliss
rise through my spine and out my heels
until everything feels completely and utterly surreal.

The power of my breath,
pushes me further in each step: 
all that I know is gone
(I think that I am gone)
until my body reminds me that I am here.

It is in the going, 
that I know.
It is in the postures,
that I grow.
It is in the breath, that my spirit flows.

Contracting and stretching all at once,
my body becomes so bright and light,
I feel my spirit taking flight...
Sweet joyous flight ...like a playful kite.

It is in the movements that I grow,
It is in the growing that I know,
In the space between the stretching, my heart slows:
I am that I am, is all I know. 

Poem by Lainie Stefanou Carter. Dedicated to her instructors at Just Hot Yoga Encinitas